Befuddled and Perplexed

Well I am befuddled!

That little egg which contains that stretchy plastic glob that stretches an arm’s length,  pops when it gets a bubble, prints off of newsprint,  is given to ADD and ADHD children to help them focus, (along with teenagers in church), the old fashioned time saver that every mother should carry in her purse as a secret help…you know Silly Putty! (I have 4 eggs in my church bag!)

I gave it to a bored boy sitting behind me at church after he got sick of playing with his dad’s phone.  I think dad was going through withdrawal for not being able to look at his electronic phone while junior was playing with it.  Anyway the little boy didn’t even know to how to open the silly putty egg! (He was like…7 or 8!)

Then he asked his dad…”What do you do with it?” Like it was some kind of alien.  I guess it was alien to him!


They say when  you use screens for too long your mind will not learn how to use the senses in the same way.  We will loose the ability because that part of our brain will atrophy.

Like…………play with real things!

Yep that I-pad is a great tool to keep kids distracted and quiet.  But when your own child does not know how to play with a simple toy, like the infamous silly putty, then our children are in trouble!

Another tally mark for my children’s book on “screens.”

But I am still befuddled about it!

And worried for childhood!


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