The Egg-stravaganza

The grandkids are coming for Easter. 

Have an “Egg-Stravanganza!” 

Here are a few ideas along with the Easter Egg Hunt.

1. Try using natural items to color your eggs. How about red cabbage, onions or tea. (Let the kids choose from your kitchen what may make a color) Use a toothbrush and speckle paint on them to look like a real egg from a nest, effect.  Food Coloring and 2 t. of vinegar in a half cup of hot tap water does the trick if you don’t have natural dye.

2. Have an egg drop contest:  Divide family members into teams and give each team a real raw egg.  The contest is to drop it from a very high spot (2nd story window, ladder, top of a car, high place from a play ground, etc.  The goal is to not have it break,  The teams have to wrap their egg and protect it.  Use your imaginations on how to protect your egg…a great family tradition to start—as the kids grow it can get really competitive and crazy!

3. Blow out eggs.   Make a small hole on the top and bottom of an egg.  Blow out the inside in a bowl.  (Scramble that later)  Dry your eggs out over night.

 Easter-Smashers.  Cover up the bottom hole with tape and fill with confetti and glitter then cover the top also. (Use a hole punch to make confetti) When a special time comes during your  Easter celebration, let everyone smash their egg.

4. Do you really eat all those eggs you dye?  Make a big bulls eye and nail it to one of your trees outside.  Give everyone some eggs and throw at the tree. Great for Dads!  The animals will eat the rest.

5.  Make scrambles eggs to eat together.


Remember:  Have Fun With It!






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