For TEENS: Fun ways to ask to Prom?

Received from other teens

Asking #1:

KR” Arrange with her mother to get inside your future date’s house before she gets home.  One by one you will place Hershey’s kisses in a path to her shower. (Take some time and make it look good) Place a bouquet of roses hanging in her shower and on this note you will say: “Now that I’ve  kissed the ground you’ve walked on and showered you with roses will you go to the prom with me.”

Asking #2:

KR: Put a bag of blow pops in her car or locker or sports bag or back pack. One blow pop should  have a string or ribbon on it attached to a note saying “Hey Lolly, how ’bout going to the prom with a sucker like me.”

Asking #3:

A: Find a large box.  Preferably a refrigerator box. Spray paint or cover it with bright paper. Place one helium balloon inside the box with the invitation to the prom tied at the bottom of the bunch with the string. Label on the box to open at the top.  You or your friend deliver the large box to her front door and leave.  When she opens the box the balloons will fly out and your invitation will fly out with them.

Asking #4:

Do you have any elevators around your parts?  Decorate an elevator and with a big sign asking her to prom by sending her on a wild scavenger hunt and have her think she is going to a “floor” in the building the elevator is in but the elevator is the finale.

 Asking #5: 

Zach’s great idea:  Go to a second hand store and buy an old key board.  Take all the keys out of the key board except will you go to  prom with me?  Deliver the key board wrapped to your future date…CG used this and she said– YES!

Asking #6:

JE: Ask her to prom my taking the tiny tiny kiss wrapper carefully out of the top of the candy and write very small your invitation on another paper just the same size and place back in the chocolate and give her the kiss and tell her to read it…If your relationship is not that intimate, give her a “hug” chocolate instead.

Asking # 7:

FB: With your i-phone have your friend take a picture of scrabble letters spelled out “Will you go to prom with me?”  and you standing in the far background in the picture.  Send to her.

Asking #8:

Zach’s idea:  Spell out will you go to prom with pepperoni’s on a Pizza.   The top of the box has a hole in it.  When you open it she will read the message but your head will be in the top of the box.

Asking #9:

ZE: Leave a fake parking ticket on her car that says will you go to prom with me.  If you know a police officer, have him pull her over and have him give her a ticket saying…”Will you go to prom with me?”

Asking #10:

JE: Very carefully open a box of Cracker Jacks and ask her by placing the invitation inside the prize, then put it back and deliver the box to her.  Tell her to open carefully.

Asking #11:

FF: Write on a small paper your invitation.  Then wrap it in crepe paper until it becomes a giant ball.  Then place a sticker on the place you want her to unravel the ball to get to your message.

Asking #12:

ME: Scavenger Hunts are fun but don’t make them too long or too hard.  Tip: Girls don’t usually like to do this at night!

Asking #13:

TE: Draw a huge message on her driveway with side walk chalk.  Decorate it really cute and girly with flowers, etc.


Seran-wrap her car with the invite on the roof of her car.  Put a flower on her car too.

Asking #15:

Do you have brave friends?  Make up a singing telegram and have them deliver it to her in class at school.

Asking #16:

TE: Post it on a freeway over pass.  Make sure she sees it.

Asking #17

ZE: Fill up your future date’s car with balloons with your invitation inside one of them or taped to one placed strategically at the bottom of the pile.  Tape a pin next to her door. (You can get those nice corsage pins with a pearl at one end at a florist or craft store if you want it to look nice)

Asking #18

KL:  I went to my future prom dates dance class.  I wrote on the mirrors in the dance studio.  When she walked in it read:  Will you go to Prom with me?  I was hiding behind a wall.  I popped out and she said…YES!  Awesome!

Asking #19

Anonymous: You are sitting around in a group and you decide to present this great card trick where you want some one to choose the correct card. (You must know one or two) You by chance have the person you want to ask to prom be that person you do it for.  You pre-place on the card that she picks the words will you go to prom with me.  So when she choosed the card at the end.  You will say is that your card and she will look…and wah-lah, it will not have a number but your invite.

Asking #20

Place post-its all around the school.   (Her name), will you go to prom with me?  Place them everywhere!  She will be taking them off the walls as fast as you put them up.  Cover her car, her front door, her place of work, a specific place you can cover with post-its.  One of them will say who you are.

Refer to the post for the 14 days of valentines for heart ideas…

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7 Responses to For TEENS: Fun ways to ask to Prom?

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  2. tz says:

    (For country folks) you go out ahead of time (preferrably With a truck) and go mudding or just go get it nice and dirty and find out where your gal will be at at a specific point in time and all you do is write “prom” in the mud or dirty part of the truck a good country girl will never say no to that

  3. Sophi says:

    It shouldn’t just say “she” and “her”; don’t enforce the stereotype that guys have to ask girls!

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  5. Hannah King says:

    For country girls,

    Go to a lake with a parking lot, take her fishing, Then when you guys go back to the car write “Prom?” In lighter fluid on the parking lot, Then set it on fire..
    *Make sure its not too close to the car*

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