Prepping for St. Patty’s Day

Have Fun with the GREEN holiday!

DO:  Search in your closet for the green outfit you have been waiting to wear. Or, accessorize with green.  Or, wear green socks.  But don’t forget to wear green and pinch those who are boring and don’t!

DO: Make sure you have in stock the green food coloring in the grocery store little plastic squirt pack of blue, red, yellow and GREEN food coloring to drip drops in the toilet bowl all day, in the pancake batter, in the milk, in the green eggs and ham (Dr. Seuss story) for dinner, etc.

DO: Show signs in your house of a little stinker leprechaun who does shenanigans all over the house.  Leave a gold chocolate coin in the place of question.  Remember if you catch your little green man he has to surrender his pot of gold…so go for it!  

Here is a shenanigan to do.  

Take a real egg out of the refrigerator.  

Have daddy or someone you choose stand behind a door and place his thumb and pointer finger through the door crack.  

On the other side place the real egg in his fingers and ask him to hold this for awhile for you.  

Now you have daddy trapped holding the egg, through the door,

for as long as you want…HA!

DO:  Do a chocolate coin hunt, similar to an Easter Egg hunt.  You can add a few real gold pieces (quarters) for the older crowd.

DO: Make a 4 leaf clover for good-luck.  Cut 4 hearts out of green construction paper by folding the paper in half and cutting a half heart from the crease. (Make any size) Glue the center of the hearts together and place and glue a stem in the middle.  If you want to laminate a small good-luck piece, place between a piece of clear packaging tape.  Give to someone who needs g00d-luck.  You can string it through a piece of string or place it in someone’s wallet.

DO: Write a limerick  (  

A Clumsy Young Fellow Named Tim

  1. There once was a fellow named Tim (A)
  2. whose dad never taught him to swim. (A)
  3. He fell off a dock (B)
  4. and sunk like a rock. (B)
  5. And that was the end of him. (A)

DO:  Make a rainbow with all different kinds of fruits and vegetable presented in a bow for one of your meals.  (Family Fun)

DON’T:  Let another holiday pass by and you just sit by and do….NOTHING.  Life is too short.  HAVE FUN WITH IT!

A little Irish history.  The four leaf clover petals stand for HOPE, FAITH, LOVE, and the extra petal for GOD, for good-luck!

Check back on St. Patty’s day for a NEW HEART to share….

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