Your little pot of gold

Pot of Gold

When you find your own little pot of gold,

place it at the end of someone

else’s little  searching


1. Place a little tea cup on your kitchen table or counter.

2. Each night empty your pockets or wallet of all the coins you have accumulated for the day and place in your tea cup.

3. Continue to do this until it gets as full as you want.   (You may replace the tea cup to a bowl, a glass or a jar if you want to keep gathering.)

4. On St. Patrick’s Day, or on a special day you choose, find a tiny little organization who is in need of a little pot of gold and take your little pot just the way it is and leave it at that little rainbow.

5. Beware!  The leprechauns will leave a spell on you…sharing your pot of gold is contagious…

I can’t wait to give my tiny pot of gold to a little rainbow organization called Rising Star and to my little friend Jennica, who is 8 years old.  She is going with her family to India to help at this school of “untouchables” who cannot get an education because their parents have leprosy.   Look in  your community at  your schools, at your local grocery store, at the soup kitchen, at small starting businesses, at your local hospitals, elderly care centers, etc.  There are many little rainbows in need of a small pot of gold.  

Start collecting  your gold in your little tea cup right now…

My dears, if good’s been done to you, the way to repay it is to pass it on…

(Next week, St.  Patty’s day traditions to begin and another love heart to make for your sweetheart)

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2 Responses to Your little pot of gold

  1. hobihomeblog says:


    Your pot of gold was so uplifting! Do you have any idea how much was in there??
    It took hours to count! She had to start over several times.thanks to little sister.

    She will remember this forever! I’m going to pass this story along to the kids in India and give them 4 leaf clovers with your family name on them!
    You are so inspiring!

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