How much do you value your Man?

“Variations of the tale are found in the folklore of Eastern Europe, but it was said to have happened during the Middle Ages in Germany. The year was 1141…

Wolf, the duke of Bavaria, was besieged inside his castle of Weinsberg by the army of Frederick and his brother, the emperor Konrad. ( Yawn…NO NO…Keep reading its worth it…)

The seige had lasted long and Wolf realized he had no choice but to surrender.  Messengers rode back and forth, terms were proposed, conditions allowed, and arrangement completed.

Wolf and his army prepared to give themselves over to their bitter enemy…(just a tiny bit longer!)

But the wives of Weinsberg were not prepared to lose everything.  They sent a message to Konrad, asking the governor to promise safe passage for all women in the garrison, that they might come out with as many of the valuables as they could carry on their backs. 

The request was graciously granted, and soon the castle gates opened.

Out came the women–but not as supposed.

They carried neither gold nor jewels on their backs, but each one of them was bending under the weight of her husband, whom she hoped to save from the vengeance of the conguering army. 

Konrad was so moved by this extraordinary act that he made peace with the duke of Bavaria on much more favorable terms than expected. 

The castle mount was afterward known as the Hill of Weibertreue, or “women’s fidelity.” (Mark H. Creech, “The Wives of Weinsberg,” AgapePress, (Linford, 2005, P.71-72)”

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life,  Love gives us a fairytale.


But sometimes you have to make your own!

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