Traveling with children

Feb. is usually the time to start prepping for vacations.

Here is a “Have fun with it” idea:

For how many hours you will be “on the road or in the sky buy very tiny inexpensive gifts for each child per hour. Wrap them. (That is the key part!)

As you travel, pull out one of the gifts and give to your kids per hour. Don’t tell them beforehand what you are doing.  ...the element of surprise!  It makes the time go faster and it stops the “When are we going to be there…”  DO NOT GIVE ALL OF THE GIFTS AT ONCE, THAT SORT OF DEFEATS THE PURPOSE!

Don’t forget gifts for the ride home…and husbands like little gifts too….

(The dollar store was my friend for this! The toy most likely will be broken by the time you get there but for one dollar, it served its purpose!)

Here is a tiny list of ideas…you need to adapt to your family

1. Silly Putty. (Every mother needs to carry this in her purse.  It makes a great travel gift.)

2. Fruit gushers or snacks (Or a snack you usually do not buy your child but since we are traveling this is special.)

3. Mini play dough

4. Playing Cards or  Old Maid type

5. cars, dinosaurs, tiny dolly; any toy your child might  like.  Inexpensive!!

6. mini puzzles

7. a baby bottle.  You laugh but bigger kids get a kick out of this and it takes a long time to drink something from it!

8. food that takes a while to get into like peanuts in a shell.

9. Lunch-ables

10. The candy bar you never buy them, or gum that makes huge bubbles!

You get the idea.  Besides the surprise, unwrapping the present is the best part.  Use lots of tape!

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